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2021-12-25 12:19 am

So you've found your way to the the land of M

So you found a cat on the internet. You're not surprised, not even by the fact that they seem to communicate with you via text verses silly faces and jumping in and out of boxes.

You're curious and want to know more, or at least bored enough to keep reading.

This is what you need to know:
- This cat is trapped in the wrong body. Human fingers and toes never sat well with it, they make it twitch and long for claws and a tail and ears that perk up at the smallest sound.
- This cat is not alone. They have friends, not only outside in the world but within their own head. They are a friendly lot and if you'd like to get to know them, you can find that group over at [personal profile] theremustbewonders
- The cat is not male or female, it is both and neither and prefers they/them/their pronouns. It pronouns also work assuming it knows you and trusts you are not doing it offensively.
- It cannot see well. Technically it is legally blind to the point that, even with glasses, print is unreadable.
- The cat has a strange belief system cobbled together from life experience and what it's gathered in books. It will not shove it's beliefs on you if you don't shove yours on it.
- The cat is polyamorous, demisexual and kinky. These topics may come up at some point but any sexual talk will be warned for.
- The cat is mentally ill. It's just a part of who it is. It has bad days just like everyone else and it tires to not express them too often but this is it's space and it does what it likes.

Ways you can reach the cat outside of DW:
AIM: sharpenthebones
Plurk: harvestgraces (friendslocked but if you tell me here that your'e on Plurk, I'l add you)
Skype: acheshirekitten

And yes, that should about fill you in. If you'd lie to know anything else or feel like you need to ask before friending me (which you don't) please use this post to prod me. I don't mind int he least and if you'd rather PM is fine by me as well.
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2021-08-24 07:02 pm

[Fiction, prompts and all that other fun stuff.]

AO3: [ profile] lostinthefire

Fandoms I am into:
Dead Like Me, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Dresden Files (books and TV), Eastwick, Firefly, Good Omens, Hannibal, Life on Mars, MCU (and a tiiiiny bit of comics), Musicals, Myth/Fairytales, Neverwhere, Newsflesh, October Daye, Rent, Sanctuary, Shakespeare, Sherlock, Slings and Arrows, Welcome To Night Vale, White Collar.

If you want to remix, podfic, fanart or anything else any of my work, go for it! The only thing I ask is that you go ahead and let me know you're doing it first so I can glee-bounce over it.

On original fiction:
I create original fiction over at [community profile] rainbowfic under the authortag Mallory. I also do monthly prompt calls in which I throw out a theme, let you prompt me and write stuff off of those prompts for tips. Between those two things, I am an aspiring writer who is trying to get published.

What is the eternally open prompt post:
See this post here? See the comments? All of those are prompts my partner has thrown at me over the years that I keep meaning to write I try and keep them in one place so I recall to write them eventually. However, this is free for anyone to use and should be abused as often as one would like. I adore getting prompts and will do my best to answer them when I have the time and mental energy.
Note: I will

The tip jar:
If you like what I do with words and think it's worth paying for, even if it's just a couple of dollars, please feel free! Here's a link to my Paypal and you are more than welcome to throw money at me and then ask me to either continue something I've written or perhaps write something just for you!

the email is toomanytongues at gmail dot com
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2014-06-08 03:22 am

It's moving day

[profile] thebonesofferalletters

I know, I know, so many posts. This time though, it will be the last. I'm over to that journal there. If you want to find me, that's the place to go. I'll add people tomorrow and obviously add anyone who adds me.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing this, maybe I should wait. My skin is itching through and I'm anxious for something new. So bones again but different this time. Bones for shelter and not weapons, though maybe bones and blood will be a part of my story, who knows.
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2014-06-08 02:11 am

[Identity] On things you can call me, (pick one or choose your own feral, shifty namething!)

So, I'm not officially changing my name to anything. I'm still using the letter M or, if someone needs more than that, Mallory. But [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton got me thinking on identity and how shifty a creature I am and so I decided to draft up a list of various names someone can should and I will respond to.

- M (or just about any name that starts with that letter. Marnie and Mallory are two of my personal favorites).
- C (or just about any name that starts with that letter. Chessie or Cheshire, Cara, Clover are some of the ones I gravitate towards.)
- Jasper
- Wisp
- Kit/Kits
- Bitsy (blame [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton
- Jack
- Rory
- Aurora
- Ivy
- ....Anything you think fits me. I'm really open to responding to anything and frankly, I think I would be happy if everyone I knew just chose their own name for me.

Which seems weird but whatever. I'm going with it.

I think there is more to be had on identity but my brain is sluggish and awkward right now. If you don't know me, know how strange and shifty I am by nature, just don't mind me, I'll settle for a while soon enough.

Just not yet, I expect.
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2014-06-07 10:43 pm

Yeah, just consider this an addition tot he previous post.

Truth of the day. I think I'm more feral than not, it's just a quiet sort of feral.

I want to be something that runs, that flies, that purrs and nips and rubs against you. I want to growl or hiss to show I'm not happy and I just...I don't know.

I want to reflect that more out the outer parts of me. I want whiskers and ears that twitch and move and a tail that does the same. I want claws.

I hate the body I'm in and I hate the person most people attach to it. A handful of people understand I'm not any one thing but a combination of sifting parts that grow and change and shed over time.

Sometimes I consider just....not having a name, packing my shit and just moving where I can not have to establish an identity. Where i can be as weird or feral or strange or wild as I want.

Then I remind myself that is not a sustainable life and I probably couldn't survive by myself anyway.

I have pack here, so it could be worse. I have Morgan and Mat and Aubrey but...I don't know. Running seems so tempting sometimes.
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2014-06-07 10:00 pm

Vrrrr, identity is hard.

There is a part of me that wants a fresh start. A new name, a new journal, all of it. I want new things, or less old things anyway.

I'm just not sure if I will. I have not been on this journal for too long and I have no idea what name i would be using. I'm flickering between a few different ones and I'm honestly not sure what feels right other than 'This name feels good right now but gimme two hours and this other one will work better'.

I don't know, I'm having weird identity days, don't mind me.
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2014-06-04 08:58 pm

Today is for...

nesting in music and words. Sometimes they're my words, sometimes they are poems I've stumbled across and sometimes they are stories that people have cobbled together.

We have to go grocery shopping tonight and while this is not thrilling, it will be nice to have food that I can prepare. That's exciting to me for some reason.

I keep entertaining the idea of making mixes for various universes and ideas blooming in my rain, I just feel like I A) cant' make the cover art and B) can't quite articulate why the songs work together. Not that I really have to, i suppose but still.

I think I am going to meander my way towards my own words again and see if I can't make something interesting out of the ones echoing in my brain. I have many promptfills to do, plus a few things pulled up to try and write for but we'll see how that goes.

Also, cats. Cats keep distracting me but this is a problem I'm pretty okay with really.
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2014-06-04 02:40 pm

One card draw!

[personal profile] alexseanchai is doing a one card draw! Boosting the signal will get you a second card and sponsoring has additional perks.
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2014-06-03 11:08 am

(no subject)

> I have an idea for [community profile] rainbowfic prompts that i need to start work on. It is going to be horribly painful but I don't even care. It will be worth it.

> Sleep is happening on a regular basis, just.....more than I would like. I sleep a lot which isn't bad, i suppose but still irks me somewhat, as I would like to do things.

> Got a hair cut which is nice. The hair is off my neck which is all I really wanted. I hate hair on my neck so very much. I just need to dye it now.

> Still need to find somewhere to live. Buh, that is...going to happen at some point.

> Get paid today! :D:D
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2014-06-01 09:20 am

[Brain update]

Ding better. Slept....most of yesterday and I think I am okay with that, if I'm honest.

I'm not functioning amazingly, I'm tired and not sure how brains work, but I think it is either going to be a very chill day or one in which I venture out into the world, get lots of coffee, and attempt to be creative.

We will see which wins out.
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2014-05-31 01:00 pm

*stares into the distance*

So tired, so very tired. I want sleep but it's so early and I feel like I should try and be awake during the day.

I did get sunlight today though, which is not a bad thing.

I'm going to try and hit up prompts today, I knocked out a couple yesterday on an older post but today i am going to concentrate on the Woods prompts.

I also need to write out notes for various worlds that I kind of want to work on. I'm seriously considering trying to hit up NaNo for July and that would be made much easier if I have a plan going ahead, even if it's simply a rough one.

Mrrr, I think there was something else I meant to say but fuck all if I recall what it is at this point. At some point I need to make a todo list but we will.....see. See how that goes.
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2014-05-28 02:16 pm

[Prompt Calls] The Woods Between The Worlds

This is an informal prompt call based on the idea of 'Woods between the worlds'. I actually have a setting in mind for this prompt call, appropriately titled the same thing, but I am leaving this call open ended and you can throw whatever you want at me as long as it is based around the prompt above.

This is, in part, to help me explore the world that is in my head. I'm looking forward to poking it and want to do things, I'm just a little lost on where to start, so I come to you lovely people!

Leave me as few or as many prompts as you'd like and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

Feel free to advert if you feel so inclined or leave me tips over at toomanytongues at gmail via Paypal but those are far from necessary and I will answer as many of your prompts as I can regardless of whether you advert or tip.
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2014-05-28 11:11 am

(no subject)

So, even though I have to go see my terrible psych doctor today, I'm feeling pretty good. I think I've managed to reset my schedule so that I can get some sunlight and while I am a little sleepy, I'm not horrible (and caffeine is helping).

I need to take drugs still but i will do that when I get my tea for the day.

I have also put music on the iPod for when I have to leave the house, gotten breakfast, showered and pulled up Scrivener so I can work on stuff when I get done with all this.

Productive cat is productive!
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2014-05-27 10:10 am

[Storybabbling] In which Natasha is a weird war deity thing...

Things I see in this fic:
- Steve and Bucky are believes in her. When Bucky goes off to fight, Steve sends him off with an image of Natasha drawn to as a silent prayer to keep him safe
- Howard Stark still is...Howard but he also worships her and occasionally builds things in her honor.
- HYDRA is a fringe group that worships her but takes it too far when they capture Bucky, alter him, and try and sacrifice him to her.
- Natasha basically adopts Bucky, not as a sacrifice, but almost more as a child mixed with a vessel.
- She also helps Steve find Bucky again, in no small part because she is endeared by both of them in this sort of "Oh, you two are precious." sort of a way.
- This fic may or may not end in body worship at some point. For everyone, not just Nat.
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2014-05-26 07:35 am

(no subject)

I'm awake which is not as horrible as it not as horrible as it could be. Sleeping has been rough recently but I'm hoping that once I'm awake for a good long while, I'll fall asleep and then actually not have poor dreams.

I'm sloooowly working down the list of things I need to do for the previous post. Fics are getting written, mixes are getting gathered. I've not really drawn anything because my hands keep going buggy but I will try soon enough.

I have ideas in my brain for various things, some of which may never see the light of day and others that want to be terrible, horrible, heartbreaking pieces of fic. I'm not sure those will see the light of day either but they might see Morgan's Gdocs folder.

Hopefully I am going to hit up some original stuff today too. That would be nie but we'll see how sleep and brains go. For now I am just hoping that I can commit words in general and then we'll see about committing original ones.
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2014-05-23 05:45 am

[Offers] Mixes, art, writing.

So yeah, when I get up tomorrow, I want to feel like I am doing things. So!

Leave me a topic, be it a character, universe, pairing, subject (either related or unrelated to fandom) or anything else. I will...

A) Draw you that thing.
B) Write you something
C) Make you a mini-fanmix

Anything goes! I will start these when I get up tomorrow unless I say fuck it and not sleep tonight. This is partly in celebration of not being carless (well, almost) and part just because I feel like it, so spam away if you are so inclined!
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2014-05-22 10:08 pm

[Meme] Stolen from various places.

If I was a god, what kind of god would I be?

Bonus if you add some mythos about me.
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2014-05-22 09:12 pm

(no subject)

I am too tired to exist right now. I cannot decide if this is awesome, as I have gotten over 12 hours of sleep, or really problematic because how am I supposed to do anything when I am this tired.

In other news we are not completely screwed! We have enough money for the car, which means we are back to square one. Which is fine. We can work with that!
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2014-05-21 05:59 am

[General] State of the cat

- Alive, less stressed than I have been.
- I will be acquiring drugs tomorrow.
- We are steadily working out our financial situation.
- Sleep is hard.
- Food is also hard.
- I started writing a little bit yesterday and that's exciting because I've not really been writing for the last few days.
- Working on projects that are original and fanfic as well. I still keep staring at genderqueer Bucky and ageplay Natasha. I may poke at the list of things i put up a while ago and see about what I can do about knocking stuff off that list.
- Debating more prompt memes. I know that I've been doing them a lot lately but I find it easier to write off prompts or base ideas than going off what's rattling around in my brain.
- I sort of wish I was active collaborating with someone right now. I mean I have all the verses ever with [personal profile] thelinesoflearning but nothing that' I can't quite put it into words. I'll figure something out.
- I think there are other words I had but I have no idea what. I'm going to nest in books, not sure hat kinds but some kind.