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[personal profile] thelinesoflearning, one of the roommates, is trying to offer up things in exchange for money. This goes from tarot, to writing, to filk, to editing and other things. If you think you'd be interested in anything they have to offer, please go check them out.

Link is here
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But we need money for the car and the move and all of it. I made a GoFundMe for us all to try and get at least enough money to fix the car so we can have jobs, so we can move out but I don't know, I just have no idea.

If you can signal boost, donate or anything at all helpful for us, please do so. More information on why we need to get out as badly as we do can be found on the page and if you have questions, feel free to ask.
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My body is ridiculous. I took my anxiety pills hoping I would be allowed to get a few hours of sleep. I had not slept for a god long while before that, so thinking this made sense.

Slept for a broken three hours.

Fuck. this. Body.

It's stress and depression and anxiety doing it all at me but..Yeah.

I am going to see about doing...something. I don't know what. If anyone wants to poke at me at any point, feel free because I am not sure what I am doing with myself now that I am awake.
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The only toilet we have access to at the moment gave up the ghost.

We technically have another but it's in the room with no ceiling. And is moldy. And just....not habitable.

This goddamn house is barely habitable at this point.

We are all so goddamn done, it's not even funny.

*just...goes and sleeps. Except not because none of us are getting out if I sleep*
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Tell me about concepts/ideas/themes you like to see in fiction and I will write you idfic. It can be fandom or original and all ratings apply.

I am having a good wording month, so I am running with it.
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I am having the stupidest reaction to writing at the moment. It's depression and anxiety and making me feel twitchy as hell and on the verge of tears.

Because I want to try and write twenty words of original or fanfiction each day.

What the ever loving fuck is going on with my brain? Besides drug withdrawal which probably isn't helping BUT STILL.

Seriously brain, shape the hell up and stop giving me this nonsense.
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So, as it stands, it looks like [personal profile] mortalcity, [personal profile] thatrainbow, [personal profile] thelinesoflearning and I are getting a house together in the next month. This is very exciting!

What is not as exciting is that, as it stands, none of us work and while I have disability coming in, that's not quite enough to get a house up and running.

So, in attempt to raise funds, I am trying to do a new thing. Or semi-new things. A long time ago I offered to do recordings for people. I ave access to a good mic and amateur sound editing software and will happily read out anything you'd like me to.

I know this is the part where I offer prices for what I read but honestly, anything will do when it comes to help. If it's a signal boost or if it's two dollars or if it's twenty. Hell if it's job leads for either at home work or work in the Tampa area, we will take it.

Alternatively, if you'd like me to write a story poem and read that out loud, I can do that too. Or hell, just have me write something, I'm good with that.

Again, no minimum price or wordcount or anything, I'm doing this to see if I can get the word out and maybe get enough to cover an application fee or two if nothing else.

If you would like to donate, you can through Paypal at or if you'd simply like to signal boost, that would be awesome and I would do something to show you that you are brilliant for spreading the word

Thank you all for putting up with me and I will hopefully be updating with pictures and fun times of cats, friends, and other good times soon!
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1) What's a fic you'd like to see me write that I'm not currently in the plotting states of doing.


1. Give me a pairing/set of friends/whatever
2. Give me a text from last night
3. I’ll write you a drabble or ficlet based on the scenario.
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So, I have people and it's working well. I am getting stuff done on a prety consistent basis since they arrived, despite only getting two to four hours of sleep a night for the past several days. Sure, most of it is happfuntimes but whatever, it's still a thing that is working out.

I hit a spiral last night/this morning that I am only just coming out of thefog of. I haven't had meds since Sunday and I think it's starting to get to me. I'm not getting them until at least Tuesday or possibly Wednesday. It really depends on if I can get my terrible psychiatrist to agree to change my dose so my insurance will cover it. If she won't, then I am fucked.

I have a thing to do today that is going to lure funds towards us and then doing another thing on Monday. I am pretty excited.

There is going to be Goodwill or possibly another place too, I need to see when my work-thing is but if it's in the evening, then it's Goodwill and storage stuff during the day and work tonight or vice versa. Tomorrow will possibly be a chill day even though there was a thing I was thinking about trying to head out to.

I had other words but I am honestly not sure what they were. I just thought I should make a vaguely substantial entry because uhm....I could? And I have been failing at doing that properly as of late.

I have music and am going to see if I can tackle some of the owed words that I've been failing to do this last while. I'm not sure it's happening just as I'm not sure the Storytelling On Side Streets event is going to occur this month but if I get stuff done word wise this morning, and can keep it u this week, it may be pushed back until next Saturday.
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People are here and I am already thinking somewhat more clearly. I am on the verge of crying but in a really good way.

I'm going to try and tackle words soonish, or maybe sleep and then do so but I think I can do so and not hit my head against a wall.
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Today was horrible. SO was yesterday.

Tonight? Will be awesome.

*getting their people in the next couple of hours and is SO READY FOR GOOD THINGS*
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Under the cut is a list of fics that I mean to potentially write. Pick a fic, get a babble or, if i'm feeling daring, an snippet

I can also do an original fiction version of this list too, if anyone is interested.

- this is me not praying
---These are still coming, I just...need to get back into the swing of them. I need to wrap up the story I have now and then start the next one. I distracted. And Morgan. And.....things. But yes, it is the Natasha age play fic series of happymaking. ...Well, to me it’s happymaking, you know.
- Night Vale/Avengers crossover in which Carlos is Bruce’s brother.
--What it says on the tun, guys. It is awesome and fun and involves Darcy, Jane, Carlos, Bruce, and Tony being awesome and Cecil and Night Vale being awesome and everyone just being their kick ass selves.
- We Are Not What You Expect
-- The one where Bucky finds out he’s a queer icon and has to deal with that
- Untitled Winter Soldier continuation
-- In which Bucky is genderqueer, learning about himself, and trying to grow accustomed
- Hunters
-- In which Natasha is cat otherkin.

Night Vale:
- blood on the sea
--- The one in which Cecil is water otherkin
- if love was your question, then time’s gonna give you the answers
---Fluffy fluffy Cecil/Carlos fic in which there are clocks and fucked up time and possibly screwed up chronology)
- i’ll love you all wrong (but we’ll make it all right)
---In which Cecil gets trapped in Desert Bluffs, Kevin fucks him up and he comes back more violent than before. To make things better.
-its death and forgetting who saves
---Angelfic. I don't know what exactly but I really want this to be angle fic. Possibly with the librarians as a counterpoint.
- Cecil and the interns: Painting Cecil’s nails is an initiation ritual. It’s not any kind of humiliation but if you're not able to do this, you REALLY don't belong here.

- Untitled Superhero AU
-- In which Morgan and I want to somehow come up with a fucked up Winter Soldier AU for this lot because we’re horrible people
- The New Albion crossover
--- Hannibal is a strange, strange man who lives above the highest hill In New ALbion and, in that twon, you can trade mystery and secrets for just about anything. He sets his sight son Will and all hell breaks loose
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As much as I hate feeling this way, I think it's time I admit I'm in a depressive fit. I can hardly write, I want to sleep forever and I keep getting horribly anxious over nothing.

Aubrey and Mat get here at the end of the week. Hopefully interacting with people I don't hate will help me get out of this state but if not, meh. I'll curl up on them for a while and deal.
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Aaaand then I tried to go to sleep and managed to lose my meds. >< I have no idea where the hell they went either.
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I know I owe a ton of prompts and I will be getting to those tomorrow. However, I want to put thi up because it's the end of April and I kind of meant to do this a while ago.

The game is as follows:
- Leave me a prompt and a poetic form.
- Get a poem.

Alternately, I am in the mood to write scenes for the Bucky-Is-Genderqueer fic and am not sure what I want to write sooooo, leave me prompts and get snippets from that! It can be anything from word prompts to scenarios, to things you just like and want to see. :D
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Dear people who are dealing with someone who is mentally ill.

Mention possibly forcing hospitalization. )

This message brought to you by my current state and recent interactions with family.
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Ugh, I know I've been asking for money and I know that I hate everything right now but I have to ask for help.

My bank fucked up and I fucked up and I have no money until the 3rd. This would be fine but I have two friends who are moving into our home in the next week and I'd like to be able to help them. I'm not asking for much, just whatever you can give, even if it's just signal boosting.

The friends in question have had a really shit time with things and I want to at least be able to help them covers some of the initial food and gas and such when they get here, if nothing else.

Please help, if you can and signal boost if you can't. Thank you so much.

Any donations can be sent to via paypal
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So I know I want to write him coming into his own and finding out that these things are things he wants and struggling with that a little. Not the gender norms and such but the actual wanting of things for himself. I was wondering, are there other things anyone wants to see in this fic? My brain is kind of collecting ideas and while I don't promise to add in everything you say, I feel like there's a serious lack of fic like this out there and I know people want things and if I can help fil a gap, I'd b pretty stoked.
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I want to write about Bucky being genderqueer, about playing with labels and pronouns and identity. I want him coming into his own. I want him finding out who he is and carving a new person out of the remains of the old. I want him to learn what it means to be himself, whatever that might be.

I want him to learn what it's like to claim things for himself, to pick out what he may be and put a name to it and feel that it is his. I want to see him realize he can have these things and be whatever he cares to be and just...Yes. I want it

I'm going to end up writing the thing and I think I am okay with that.
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