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[Identity] On things you can call me, (pick one or choose your own feral, shifty namething!)

So, I'm not officially changing my name to anything. I'm still using the letter M or, if someone needs more than that, Mallory. But [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton got me thinking on identity and how shifty a creature I am and so I decided to draft up a list of various names someone can should and I will respond to.

- M (or just about any name that starts with that letter. Marnie and Mallory are two of my personal favorites).
- C (or just about any name that starts with that letter. Chessie or Cheshire, Cara, Clover are some of the ones I gravitate towards.)
- Jasper
- Wisp
- Kit/Kits
- Bitsy (blame [personal profile] actuallyclintbarton
- Jack
- Rory
- Aurora
- Ivy
- ....Anything you think fits me. I'm really open to responding to anything and frankly, I think I would be happy if everyone I knew just chose their own name for me.

Which seems weird but whatever. I'm going with it.

I think there is more to be had on identity but my brain is sluggish and awkward right now. If you don't know me, know how strange and shifty I am by nature, just don't mind me, I'll settle for a while soon enough.

Just not yet, I expect.
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Names are shorthand. So long as they're a mutually agreed-upon shorthand, why not change or customize them?
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Names, I will say it again, are weird. And I will hapily call you anything you want or all sots of things or whatevers trikes our fancy that day or I don't know. I felt I should say something. so. I love you, by any and all names.