sharpeningthebones: ([ASW] Angels)
The Autumn Child ([personal profile] sharpeningthebones) wrote2014-06-07 10:43 pm

Yeah, just consider this an addition tot he previous post.

Truth of the day. I think I'm more feral than not, it's just a quiet sort of feral.

I want to be something that runs, that flies, that purrs and nips and rubs against you. I want to growl or hiss to show I'm not happy and I just...I don't know.

I want to reflect that more out the outer parts of me. I want whiskers and ears that twitch and move and a tail that does the same. I want claws.

I hate the body I'm in and I hate the person most people attach to it. A handful of people understand I'm not any one thing but a combination of sifting parts that grow and change and shed over time.

Sometimes I consider just....not having a name, packing my shit and just moving where I can not have to establish an identity. Where i can be as weird or feral or strange or wild as I want.

Then I remind myself that is not a sustainable life and I probably couldn't survive by myself anyway.

I have pack here, so it could be worse. I have Morgan and Mat and Aubrey but...I don't know. Running seems so tempting sometimes.

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