sharpeningthebones: (pic#7240536)
The Autumn Child ([personal profile] sharpeningthebones) wrote2014-05-31 01:00 pm

*stares into the distance*

So tired, so very tired. I want sleep but it's so early and I feel like I should try and be awake during the day.

I did get sunlight today though, which is not a bad thing.

I'm going to try and hit up prompts today, I knocked out a couple yesterday on an older post but today i am going to concentrate on the Woods prompts.

I also need to write out notes for various worlds that I kind of want to work on. I'm seriously considering trying to hit up NaNo for July and that would be made much easier if I have a plan going ahead, even if it's simply a rough one.

Mrrr, I think there was something else I meant to say but fuck all if I recall what it is at this point. At some point I need to make a todo list but we will.....see. See how that goes.

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