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[Storybabbling] In which Natasha is a weird war deity thing...

Things I see in this fic:
- Steve and Bucky are believes in her. When Bucky goes off to fight, Steve sends him off with an image of Natasha drawn to as a silent prayer to keep him safe
- Howard Stark still is...Howard but he also worships her and occasionally builds things in her honor.
- HYDRA is a fringe group that worships her but takes it too far when they capture Bucky, alter him, and try and sacrifice him to her.
- Natasha basically adopts Bucky, not as a sacrifice, but almost more as a child mixed with a vessel.
- She also helps Steve find Bucky again, in no small part because she is endeared by both of them in this sort of "Oh, you two are precious." sort of a way.
- This fic may or may not end in body worship at some point. For everyone, not just Nat.
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I would love to read this. ^_^
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Should I? Maybe not. But will I? Oh, definitely! ^_^
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