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[Offers] Mixes, art, writing.

So yeah, when I get up tomorrow, I want to feel like I am doing things. So!

Leave me a topic, be it a character, universe, pairing, subject (either related or unrelated to fandom) or anything else. I will...

A) Draw you that thing.
B) Write you something
C) Make you a mini-fanmix

Anything goes! I will start these when I get up tomorrow unless I say fuck it and not sleep tonight. This is partly in celebration of not being carless (well, almost) and part just because I feel like it, so spam away if you are so inclined!
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MCU, The Women Rock
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Libraries! The personal or the public kind. (I can totally add more parameters to this prompt if you need/want me to.)
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in this space where everything is sacred

YES! ♥

& thanks for the song rec, too! I've had S.J.Tucker on my to-listen list for forever, yet have somehow never found the opportunity to do so until today.
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I have a list of photogenic scenes from Love Is For Children:
I would love any kind of fanart for that series.
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Molokov/Natasha/Bucky >_>
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The discovery of new things.
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Gillian Daye-Marks? :-D?
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Steve, Peggy and Tony. Alternately, River and Tony. I just want to prod anything Familyverse right now.

Saturday and any of her people.

Anything Cupcakeverse.

Hannibal science team. Alternately, the AU Night Vale science team where Carlos' scientists are Tony, Bruce, Jane, Bev, Jimmy, Brian, and any other fictional scientists you want to throw on.

Annabelle McAlistair
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Khoshekh likes music. And not just of the chanting kind.
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Eeeee! This is cute but non-fluffy, and makes me wonder what kind of music Cecil knows how to sing.