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The Autumn Child ([personal profile] sharpeningthebones) wrote2014-05-22 10:08 pm

[Meme] Stolen from various places.

If I was a god, what kind of god would I be?

Bonus if you add some mythos about me.
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You would be the god of poetry and the patron of people with PTSD or other trauma. People would pray to you when they need a safe space.
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You would be the god of compassion and unconditional love. Your sign would be a clowder of cats. People would assume because of this that A) cats were sacred and Not To Be Harmed B) Cat Shuns are a not shunning, but the cats turning unto you for guidance/affection/wisdom C) the presence of a large number of cats would indicate that you are blazing in and they'd better be damn nice to each other. Mostly, your presence would be a sign to offer help to others, but people would also sacrifice fish and lovingly handwritten prose to you.
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You're the good of monsters, of the odd, those who are in between and cannot decide whether to live as themselves or try to hide. Your cult are all those who cosplay, those who wear ritual clothes, roleplayers, kinky folk, those who consciously or unconsciously step between the worlds and become another. The wonder of those who see your devotees sustains you, the admiration of your cult, the pictures, and the fanworks build your temple everywhere. You rarely show yourself to your followers, because to see you is to be totally transformed into a monster and sent out into the world as once of your avatars. Only those who have decided to leave the world of humanity are granted a vision of you, though many wish for it.
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You're the God of Edges - sharp edges too, but mostly soft blurry ones, like the edge between sunlight and nighttime sweeping over a planet. Your sign is the owls-feather pen, for its blurred edges and its delicate strokes. Your worshipers have tattoos in script in places they can't themselves see, and hide the signs beneath layered clothing, and share a sacrament of reading each other's words.