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The Autumn Child ([personal profile] sharpeningthebones) wrote2014-05-15 08:18 am

[Writing, Meme] Dear seas of old....

Tell me about concepts/ideas/themes you like to see in fiction and I will write you idfic. It can be fandom or original and all ratings apply.

I am having a good wording month, so I am running with it.
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I like characters that think tactically.

I like villains that heed and obey the Evil Overlord's List, even if they don't know about it.
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I like powerful people/creatures who make a choice to serve people they respect, and serve because they choose to – retaining their own agency and independence, but directing their efforts toward service. (So, not so much "dragon is magically bound to obey", but "dragon could turn away at any point, an also, could eat you, but serves instead".)
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I like flight, vivid description, and characters whose sense of honor is their greatest redeeming factor.
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Dubcon gifting. By which I mean a character is given something that they want and like, but they feel they probably don't deserve or shouldn't accept -- but the person giving it to them won't let them not take it.

(The traditional form of this is men giving expensive present to women, but it works in lots of different formats and genders.)
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Oh, yes. Mmmm. If you want to write more of this, I'd be happy to read it. :D