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Double meme before a real entry and attempts at writing.

1) What's a fic you'd like to see me write that I'm not currently in the plotting states of doing.


1. Give me a pairing/set of friends/whatever
2. Give me a text from last night
3. I’ll write you a drabble or ficlet based on the scenario.
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Cecil Palmer and Intern Dana:

(847): lesson learned. Never drop acid before a trip to the aquarium. Sounds awesome, is actually terrifying.

(I admit, I kinda think the Night Vale Aquarium would be properly terrifying on its own. In a fun, bring-the-kids kind of way.)
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Re: Have a snippet! I should state that I am running on next to no sleep, so yeah, I blame that.

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... OMG Intern Appreciation Day! That is definitely a THING in Night Vale.
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fuck changing journals

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Alex/Diana: (813) She just asked to come over. She's either going to bring one of her dads guns and kill me or we're going to end up having insane lesbian sex.

Modernverse: (813): If you die in college, do you die in real life?

Will and Bev: (605): If for no other reason than to cuddle with that puppy, you have to hook up with him again.

Cupcake: (203): Congratulations, you've begun to unfuck your life.

Sam or Natasha and... anyone but I vaguely want Bucky, somehow. Or Sam and Natasha discussing someone: (612): He doesn't need a wingman, he needs a miracle