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The Autumn Child ([personal profile] sharpeningthebones) wrote2014-05-03 08:14 am

An elaborate dream

So, I have people and it's working well. I am getting stuff done on a prety consistent basis since they arrived, despite only getting two to four hours of sleep a night for the past several days. Sure, most of it is happfuntimes but whatever, it's still a thing that is working out.

I hit a spiral last night/this morning that I am only just coming out of thefog of. I haven't had meds since Sunday and I think it's starting to get to me. I'm not getting them until at least Tuesday or possibly Wednesday. It really depends on if I can get my terrible psychiatrist to agree to change my dose so my insurance will cover it. If she won't, then I am fucked.

I have a thing to do today that is going to lure funds towards us and then doing another thing on Monday. I am pretty excited.

There is going to be Goodwill or possibly another place too, I need to see when my work-thing is but if it's in the evening, then it's Goodwill and storage stuff during the day and work tonight or vice versa. Tomorrow will possibly be a chill day even though there was a thing I was thinking about trying to head out to.

I had other words but I am honestly not sure what they were. I just thought I should make a vaguely substantial entry because uhm....I could? And I have been failing at doing that properly as of late.

I have music and am going to see if I can tackle some of the owed words that I've been failing to do this last while. I'm not sure it's happening just as I'm not sure the Storytelling On Side Streets event is going to occur this month but if I get stuff done word wise this morning, and can keep it u this week, it may be pushed back until next Saturday.