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[Signal boost] Trying to raise money to see my psychatrist

Please, please, please signal boost, even if you cannot donate.

As most of you know, I am on various types of medication. This is not a problem, as I have insurance that covers my meds and lets me get them for relatively inexpensive prices.

What my insurance no longer covers is my psychiatrist.

I ran out of medication on Thursday and I am starting to hit that state of 'My brain is screwed up and I am going through withdrawal'.

I'm...not really doing that well off of them. I'm trying to stay sane and safe but it's rather hard at the moment.

I can schedule an appointment next Friday and have money, both my mother and I will have been paid b then, so we will have the money to do it, but I'm not sure i can deal with being off my meds or that long.

So, I was hoping anyone who would be willing to, could donate.

I can do a number of things which I will list below, and while I won't put a price tag on anything, I will ask that you donate something if you want me to do things.

Normally, in a regular crowdfunding situation, I would structure things differently but I really need the money to get to see my doctor at this point and I'm out of ideas for anything else to do.

So, what I am willing to do:
Tarot readings
Content editing
Audio recordings
Gathering links/researching

If you see anything you are interested in, please poke me in the comments or at

Any donations can be made to and if you could, in the comments, tell me what you would like done.
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I'll signal boost. <3
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My partner just reminded me tonight -- in the US, at least, a lot of pharmacies will contact your doctor to get a short extension on meds, so that you can make it through to your appointment. Sometimes you have to contact your doctor's clinic directly, but either way, it's usually possible to get a week or two's worth, especially if you've already got an appointment scheduled.

I don't know if this would work for you, but it's worth a try if you still have a gap between now and when you can get in to see the doctor.
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Grr, I hate it when they'd rather let someone go off their meds! Life is hard enough when you're *not* getting deliberately knocked off-balance.

I'm glad you're able to get an appointment for Monday, though.
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Just checking; do you still need donations? If so, we get our paycheck in tonight and I may be able to send something. Probably not a lot but hopefully it would help, if you still need it.
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Awesome! I'm so glad you've got it covered. I have absolutely been there in regards to the meds situation, only in my case it was due to being w/o insurance and the medicine I was on costing $320/mo. I was having to purchase the medication a week at a time because my partner was getting paid weekly and we flat-out never had enough money to buy it all at once. Unfortunately, it was an SNRI and if I missed it... well, bad things happened. I never want ANYONE to have to go through what I did, and I am really glad to hear that you've got it taken care of. <3