Dec. 25th, 2021

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So you found a cat on the internet. You're not surprised, not even by the fact that they seem to communicate with you via text verses silly faces and jumping in and out of boxes.

You're curious and want to know more, or at least bored enough to keep reading.

This is what you need to know:
- This cat is trapped in the wrong body. Human fingers and toes never sat well with it, they make it twitch and long for claws and a tail and ears that perk up at the smallest sound.
- This cat is not alone. They have friends, not only outside in the world but within their own head. They are a friendly lot and if you'd like to get to know them, you can find that group over at [personal profile] theremustbewonders
- The cat is not male or female, it is both and neither and prefers they/them/their pronouns. It pronouns also work assuming it knows you and trusts you are not doing it offensively.
- It cannot see well. Technically it is legally blind to the point that, even with glasses, print is unreadable.
- The cat has a strange belief system cobbled together from life experience and what it's gathered in books. It will not shove it's beliefs on you if you don't shove yours on it.
- The cat is polyamorous, demisexual and kinky. These topics may come up at some point but any sexual talk will be warned for.
- The cat is mentally ill. It's just a part of who it is. It has bad days just like everyone else and it tires to not express them too often but this is it's space and it does what it likes.

Ways you can reach the cat outside of DW:
AIM: sharpenthebones
Plurk: harvestgraces (friendslocked but if you tell me here that your'e on Plurk, I'l add you)
Skype: acheshirekitten

And yes, that should about fill you in. If you'd lie to know anything else or feel like you need to ask before friending me (which you don't) please use this post to prod me. I don't mind int he least and if you'd rather PM is fine by me as well.


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