May. 28th, 2014

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So, even though I have to go see my terrible psych doctor today, I'm feeling pretty good. I think I've managed to reset my schedule so that I can get some sunlight and while I am a little sleepy, I'm not horrible (and caffeine is helping).

I need to take drugs still but i will do that when I get my tea for the day.

I have also put music on the iPod for when I have to leave the house, gotten breakfast, showered and pulled up Scrivener so I can work on stuff when I get done with all this.

Productive cat is productive!
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This is an informal prompt call based on the idea of 'Woods between the worlds'. I actually have a setting in mind for this prompt call, appropriately titled the same thing, but I am leaving this call open ended and you can throw whatever you want at me as long as it is based around the prompt above.

This is, in part, to help me explore the world that is in my head. I'm looking forward to poking it and want to do things, I'm just a little lost on where to start, so I come to you lovely people!

Leave me as few or as many prompts as you'd like and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

Feel free to advert if you feel so inclined or leave me tips over at toomanytongues at gmail via Paypal but those are far from necessary and I will answer as many of your prompts as I can regardless of whether you advert or tip.


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