May. 15th, 2014

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I am having the stupidest reaction to writing at the moment. It's depression and anxiety and making me feel twitchy as hell and on the verge of tears.

Because I want to try and write twenty words of original or fanfiction each day.

What the ever loving fuck is going on with my brain? Besides drug withdrawal which probably isn't helping BUT STILL.

Seriously brain, shape the hell up and stop giving me this nonsense.
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Tell me about concepts/ideas/themes you like to see in fiction and I will write you idfic. It can be fandom or original and all ratings apply.

I am having a good wording month, so I am running with it.
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The only toilet we have access to at the moment gave up the ghost.

We technically have another but it's in the room with no ceiling. And is moldy. And just....not habitable.

This goddamn house is barely habitable at this point.

We are all so goddamn done, it's not even funny.

*just...goes and sleeps. Except not because none of us are getting out if I sleep*


sharpeningthebones: timepunching at DW and LJ (Default)
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