Apr. 29th, 2014

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As much as I hate feeling this way, I think it's time I admit I'm in a depressive fit. I can hardly write, I want to sleep forever and I keep getting horribly anxious over nothing.

Aubrey and Mat get here at the end of the week. Hopefully interacting with people I don't hate will help me get out of this state but if not, meh. I'll curl up on them for a while and deal.
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Under the cut is a list of fics that I mean to potentially write. Pick a fic, get a babble or, if i'm feeling daring, an snippet

I can also do an original fiction version of this list too, if anyone is interested.

- this is me not praying
---These are still coming, I just...need to get back into the swing of them. I need to wrap up the story I have now and then start the next one. I just...got distracted. And Morgan. And.....things. But yes, it is the Natasha age play fic series of happymaking. ...Well, to me it’s happymaking, you know.
- Night Vale/Avengers crossover in which Carlos is Bruce’s brother.
--What it says on the tun, guys. It is awesome and fun and involves Darcy, Jane, Carlos, Bruce, and Tony being awesome and Cecil and Night Vale being awesome and everyone just being their kick ass selves.
- We Are Not What You Expect
-- The one where Bucky finds out he’s a queer icon and has to deal with that
- Untitled Winter Soldier continuation
-- In which Bucky is genderqueer, learning about himself, and trying to grow accustomed to...life
- Hunters
-- In which Natasha is cat otherkin.

Night Vale:
- blood on the sea
--- The one in which Cecil is water otherkin
- if love was your question, then time’s gonna give you the answers
---Fluffy fluffy Cecil/Carlos fic in which there are clocks and fucked up time and possibly screwed up chronology)
- i’ll love you all wrong (but we’ll make it all right)
---In which Cecil gets trapped in Desert Bluffs, Kevin fucks him up and he comes back more violent than before. To make things better.
-its death and forgetting who saves
---Angelfic. I don't know what exactly but I really want this to be angle fic. Possibly with the librarians as a counterpoint.
- Cecil and the interns: Painting Cecil’s nails is an initiation ritual. It’s not any kind of humiliation but if you're not able to do this, you REALLY don't belong here.

- Untitled Superhero AU
-- In which Morgan and I want to somehow come up with a fucked up Winter Soldier AU for this lot because we’re horrible people
- The New Albion crossover
--- Hannibal is a strange, strange man who lives above the highest hill In New ALbion and, in that twon, you can trade mystery and secrets for just about anything. He sets his sight son Will and all hell breaks loose


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