Apr. 24th, 2014

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I want to write about Bucky being genderqueer, about playing with labels and pronouns and identity. I want him coming into his own. I want him finding out who he is and carving a new person out of the remains of the old. I want him to learn what it means to be himself, whatever that might be.

I want him to learn what it's like to claim things for himself, to pick out what he may be and put a name to it and feel that it is his. I want to see him realize he can have these things and be whatever he cares to be and just...Yes. I want it

I'm going to end up writing the thing and I think I am okay with that.
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So I know I want to write him coming into his own and finding out that these things are things he wants and struggling with that a little. Not the gender norms and such but the actual wanting of things for himself. I was wondering, are there other things anyone wants to see in this fic? My brain is kind of collecting ideas and while I don't promise to add in everything you say, I feel like there's a serious lack of fic like this out there and I know people want things and if I can help fil a gap, I'd b pretty stoked.


sharpeningthebones: timepunching at DW and LJ (Default)
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