Mar. 5th, 2014

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This will take place the first Saturday of every month. Today I am putting up the crowdfunding post early because I am going to be busy this weekend. Besides, I am adding a new component in, so that's something, right? Anyway! I will put up a post and solicit prompts. After you leave one (or a few) I will write you fiction and offer you the chance to leave donations and get more of the story.

Theme: Books and reading.

Leave up to three aspects of the story you'd like to see and I will write you ~150 words of fiction. You may do this as many times as you'd like but I may not answer all the prompts.

$1 will get you you another ~150 words of fiction
$5 will get you ~900
$10 will get you an audio recording of the piece of fiction as well as the ability to add more aspects of the story you would like to see.

The new shiny part of this is that I am also willing to try and do sketches for those who might be interested. They can follow the theme if you'd like but it is not needed. I'm not asking for anything for the sketches as my drawing skills still need some work but I am hoping to acquire a few prompts to help kick start my drawing brain.

Also, if you like what you see, and want to support me on a monthly basis, you can go head and go over to Patreon and support me there! Here's the link!

Anyone who goes ahead and does that will automatically get the finished fic of their choosing and may ask for up to two others to be finished as well. Doesn't matter how much you offer, even if it's just a dollar. Because you guys are awesome and deserve things like that.

All right, I think that's all, I am going to meander away and do some stuff that I owe people and yes.

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Okay, the plan going forward is nap, shower, write. I can totally do this.

Tomorrow I gt Morgan and an outing to look for apartments to live in. It is excitng. Or something. Nerve wracking too but excitung


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