Feb. 27th, 2014

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Things that have or will be happening soon.
- Getting a haircut.
- getting paid.
- Going out for the Art Assignment
- Acquiring a laptop bag.
- Got Loki back
- Got new ears
- Started using Netflix regularly
- Updated blogs
Yeah, stuff. I'm going to meander away and get some words in on Loki and then try and see about that haircut when my mother gets back. I'm trying hard to not go to sleep, I'm just not usre i will win that battle if I don't get something caffeinated din me though.

On a completely unrelated note, I feel kind of...I don't know. Distant from epople again. I keep doing this, going thorough phases of feeling terribly disconnected to people which is...dumb, as I am really not disconnected at all. I think it's that I'm not on Plurk as much, which is kind of mrah but I don't know. *rolls around and tries to understand their brain*

People are at the house, which is irritating but I think they're leaving soon. I'm just waiting to have the house to myself again so I can get coffee and do things.

And I am going to just shush now because I'm not saying anything really useful or stuff and nrrg. Yeah.
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So, I want to write for a thing but I want to flex the muscles I need for it first.


Give me a kink you love but feel is under-represented. I will write you a snippet of something featuring that kink.


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