Feb. 8th, 2014

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This will take place the first Saturday of every month. I will put up a post and solicit prompts. After you leave one (or a few) I will write you fiction and offer you the chance to leave donations and get more of the story.

Theme: Redefining love or the things we do for love.

Leave up to three aspects of the story you'd like to see and I will write you ~150 words of fiction.

$1 will get you you another ~150 words of fiction
$5 will get you ~900
$10 will get you an audio recording of the piece of fiction as well as the ability to add more aspects of the story you would like to see.

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- I am stuck on Hey Brother. I am not even sure why but I can't seem to stop listening to it. I will probably do something to it in the next few days.

- I am going to be getting my laptop back soon which means I can go out and do things :D:D:D I am looking forward to getting into a different space so I can try and get some actual words in.

- I still need to get a hold of LT and put in the application for the apartment. Though I ant to look into another one that is ten dollars cheaper and about the same size. I need to double check on it but it seems like a good plan and I will definitely be able to afford it by myself.

- I am staring at With The Winter... and cannot seem to add words to it right now. I need to do it soon though. Bleh. I hate when words are stubborn.

- I may be going out tonight but I am not entirely sure. It's someone's birthday and we might be going to diner but I am not certain I will be leaving the house.

- I need to sit down and ee about some anxiety control. I feel sick to my stomach right now and it' anxiety I don't know what's going on in my brain but it wants to freak out at randomand this is just not okay.

- I kind of want to sleep but I slept forever so I am holding back.


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