Jan. 6th, 2014

sharpeningthebones: ([MCU] Darcy)
Words last week: 3,276
Words total: 3,276
Music: Jordan Reyne, the New Albion shows, Cartel and Cake bake Betty
Researching/Outlining: I am currently prodding a story of angels and mad science! I'm looking forward to it.
Properly written: I wrote some gifts, some fairy tales, some challenges and I am pleased with just about all of it.
Other things accomplished: Socializing, laundry, dishes and uh...that's about it.

So, I am hoping to have one of these to post every wee, just keeping track of my words and keeping me accountable. We'll see if it works.

Now onto the general entry

I am so so very cold right now but I have done the laundry and I am trying to get the brain to start words for the day. I can't quite manage to settle in enough to focus though, which is a problem.

I made weekly goals for myself and while one of those things was to not be too social this week because I have two events already lined up, I may be seeing a friend tonight. It depends on how she's feeling and if school goes well for her but we will see.

I think I might shower and use that time to think about what I want to try and write when I get back. I have tome RP stuff I need to do too but I really want to get the actual written words in before midnight tonight.


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